Saturday, 24 March 2012

Mo' Charcoal Stuff

More gesture life sketches... Some came out ok but I need to make more confident lines rather than many small ones.


  1. Liking the style you've got going there Conor P xP
    The figure straddling the chair is my favourite :)
    Marta (your old foundation buddy)

    1. MARta!!! hOW did I not SEE this comment when it arrived?! thanks so much! Charcoal is becoming the bane of my life right now... went all Summer without real life drawing..mistake! I liked the guy in the chair too, but I feel guilty cos it was a 10minute pose as opposed to all the other 5 minute ones (which I am supposed to be good at!) miss you a ton, hope life is going great for you and I know I always say it, but it would be awesome to see you at some point in holidays!! :)


Much Appreciated!