Thursday, 11 July 2013


So much stuff to deal with over the past few weeks, so just another post of the generic stuff. Sketches I made at Annecy Film and Animation Festival 2013 and some other doodley design bits.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Small Update

Had a small chance to keep to myself this Easter break, which is nice (I normally have to work at a dank and horrible amusement arcade continuously!) So I've been keeping up with a bit of Uni Work as well as spending some time in museums doodling some dead animals! Also been doodling like crazy whilst watching films I've been meaning to catch up on, like 'road to perdition' (awesome), 'dancer in the dark', 'garden state', 'the importance of being earnest', 'good will hunting' and errrmmm 'the devil wears prada'. All the classics.

Dead animals stay still so much longer it's great.

Been drawing basically anything and everything, just for practice. Also, been enjoying fineliners and brush pens a lot recently...

AND cannot stop doodling in this beautiful Chinese notepad, bought for me as a souvenir by a beautiful friend, Amy Elsam (links to the right, check her out she has awesomeee stuff!>>>) And you can't help but admire this Engrish...

HEY, LIStEN! (annoying Navi voice)...

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


I have been sorting this blog out a bit... Some links to me Portfolio and other things above ^ Have a lewk if you are interested, if not... do not look ;)

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Vespa Model!

I had to create a model for Blitz games studios as an application for one of their open days...the brief was either a model of a character, vehicle or environment so I decided to have a crack at modelling a Vespa Scooter! (It's the closest I will get to owning one, most likely!) So here it is. the deadline was today so I couldn't add more but I may well do this later sometime :) Most of the textures and materials I used were Mental Ray ones plus a couple of rusty and tarry textures I downloaded free courtesy of I really owe any aesthetics to the materials and textures! 

I created the glass by using a thick glass mia material and adding a bump map to it to give it the streaked appearance, and accented this by adding a chrome mia material to the reverse side. It needed more tweaking but I am new to bump mapping in general so it was a nice surprise when I got this unexpected result almost by accident!