Friday, 14 October 2011

....Some life :/

I had probably better post some life drawings, even though I'm extremely self-conscious about them, hence the reason I am only posting a couple! 1 China graph pencil and the last in Watercolour pencil. When I am more confident and have had more practice, I will reveal more. Until then...


  1. These are nice dude!!
    Don't be afraid to share your work!! :)
    Blogs are a great way to get good feed back :)
    ... but i do understand your feelings tho!! We all feel like that at times!!
    Keep at it!
    Great work!
    I'll swing by again soon!
    All the best on ur AUCB adventure..... awww, bournemouth.... so much fun! :)

  2. thank you so much! you are so nice! :D
    I came across your blog and was blown away by your work, it's amazing! A great inspiration too! I will have to keep at it :))
    Agreed Bournemouth is awesome, and thanks again, I always appreciate constructive feedback!

  3. No Worries dude!!
    Im glad that i can be an inspiration to you and many others. Its a great feeling to be able to help.... but alas, i still have so much to learn and am always aspiring to others.
    Its a long road but if we continue to strive towards to our aspirations, and continue to learn from others, with a bit of luck too, our dreams will come true. :)
    Glad your enjoying your time in Bournemouth, make the most out of every minute of it.... its goes sooo fast!!
    Keep on trucking!!


Much Appreciated!