Friday, 30 December 2011

Inspired by...

For Christmas, I was lucky enough to be bought a book titled 'Moonshine', which is a fantastic book showing some of the art Dreamworks artists get up to for fun when they're not working on the next great feature. It's an awesome book filled with an abundance of styles, one of which came from a couple of digital compositions by, the great, Marcos Mateu Mestre! I liked the graphic novelesque style of heavy black lines and blocked tone. So I made some pen drawings and decided to paint over them in a similar style, it ALSO gave me a chance to play around with the calligraphic brushes on photoshop and get some more practice with digital painting. :) So here is one of perhaps two compositions I will create, the model was my sister, playing Super Mario Sunshine (Love the gamecube! ;D) 

Saturday, 17 December 2011


Some props compiled together. Still need more practice with digital painting, I really don't like the top left table, still needs more work!

Thursday, 1 December 2011


Some more life drawings, most are 5 minute poses except the top left and bottom right which were 15 minutes long each. I enjoyed using chalk (I used chinagraph for top left), it's versatile enough for quick and long poses. It would've been nice to get some lighter tone on the longer poses but ... oh well. Also I messed up the foot on the top right, and the bent leg on the bottom right so... MORE practice needed, as usual!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

More Life Drawing :S

A few more life drawings all compiled, amongst some observational drawings and doodles. Been busy trying to balance everything lately. I've been practicing a lot more with quick poses, and am pleased but need tons more practice, in terms of long poses, some anatomy practice wouldn't hurt! Often getting body parts stretched or shrunk without the intention of it, haha!

5 to 15 minute poses, I liked the top right until I added the lines on the figures' leg and arms!

As I previously said I mess up proportions more than I'd like to! Figure in top middle has a very small foot and hand, although I liked his shoulder. A mix of 5 to 15 minutes poses again, I am only really happy about some of the foreshortening in the bottom right and left images but still, I need to make feet bigger to show perspective!
Mostly quick poses aside from the two left images. I think I'm enjoying charcoal more than I used to, it's versatile enough for short and long poses.

Pen gesturesss! Normally I hate quick poses for the simple fact... I don't do them very well, I get far too distracted by details and getting proportions right that I fail to capture the gesture of the whole pose, especially if I use pencil. I find pen much better for quick poses. I know I can't erase or change my marks, so I'm forced to be more economic with them and this makes it easier to capture the entire pose in a short space of time.

Some friends and I took turns posing for each other for some extra practice, varying from 5 to 8 minutes. I had more butttt these are the ones that turned out ok (except for the face of the male figure stood up!). I used a charcoal pencil for the bottom right portrait but I messed up the lips, other than that I liked it? :D top left and right were just doodles.

ANDDDDD finally, I decided to practice some hand and feet drawing. I looked at Bridgman and copied some examples from his 'Life Drawing guide', the top two left images, the foot second from the bottom right and the top right foot also. I worked from photos of my hands for practice and the bottom right foot is my own, from observation :) I intend to look more at Bridgman for feet and hands as I generally ruin them.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Digital Painting!!!

SO... I haven't had a lot of experience with using photoshop for painting before, so I am happy to be getting to grips with the absolute basics! :D And I have produced, this very simple cartoony table. I think the lines need to be smoother and well... better, albeit I am happy with this as a first attempt. And two posts, in one evening? this is MADness, this. is...

Design Experiments

Above are some sketches of my beloved father, housemates and pet dog Stella! Also included are some observational drawings of a couple of friends, and some design tasks. I'm trying to make sure I am drawing as much as possible, I have a lot of catching up to do! ^o^

Friday, 14 October 2011


So much for Chronology! This is actually Foundation work, but I'd still like to post it because I enjoyed it! :) Used my younger brother as a model and mainly monoprinted from photos, before getting ALL creative with stitching onto paper and reverse applique etc.

Final Layout

So this was my final line drawing design for a studio space for the writer, Edgar Allan Poe. I really shouldn't have picked him quite honestly, 1800's - boring era. I still had fun...I think? It just sucks that I have misplaced the painted version, which I attempted in watercolour paints, with the mindset of 'Well I haven't used watercolours before hard could it be?' ............ :O I also had some fruit paintings in watercolour which I will dig out! Couldn't decide which tilted angle I liked, so here's both. I ended up using the top image.


Textures were another part of our Drawing for Layout unit. Some of these studies turned out nice, but most  indicate that I need more practice, and there's no time like the present!


Bedroom Bound

Now here's something I'm a little more comfortable with, Layout! For this unit we had to draw our bedrooms and the view from our window. A boring view perhaps, but I will return to this! Maybe I'll try a new perspective and mess up my stupidly organised arrangement. Clutter is interesting to draw! 

The second drawing I was reasonably happy with, although I should learn to vary my lines more, and the clothes on the chair need closer attention, they don't look like the material they're made of?

....Some life :/

I had probably better post some life drawings, even though I'm extremely self-conscious about them, hence the reason I am only posting a couple! 1 China graph pencil and the last in Watercolour pencil. When I am more confident and have had more practice, I will reveal more. Until then...

Rodin Artist Study

This is going back a bit, really should've posted all this on a blog before. I blame a lack of confidence. Some transcriptions of a few Rodin drawings in charcoal and ink. Artist studies seem to help in an unpredictable way, you learn a lot without realising it. More artists studies to come this term!


These were some studies of my face a while ago, from photos! Any apparent ugliness may in fact just be my face and not bad drawing :D or perhaps both? I was wearing a trapper hat I think, it might explain some odd shapes in the last image!