Friday, 30 December 2011

Inspired by...

For Christmas, I was lucky enough to be bought a book titled 'Moonshine', which is a fantastic book showing some of the art Dreamworks artists get up to for fun when they're not working on the next great feature. It's an awesome book filled with an abundance of styles, one of which came from a couple of digital compositions by, the great, Marcos Mateu Mestre! I liked the graphic novelesque style of heavy black lines and blocked tone. So I made some pen drawings and decided to paint over them in a similar style, it ALSO gave me a chance to play around with the calligraphic brushes on photoshop and get some more practice with digital painting. :) So here is one of perhaps two compositions I will create, the model was my sister, playing Super Mario Sunshine (Love the gamecube! ;D) 

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