Friday, 14 October 2011


So much for Chronology! This is actually Foundation work, but I'd still like to post it because I enjoyed it! :) Used my younger brother as a model and mainly monoprinted from photos, before getting ALL creative with stitching onto paper and reverse applique etc.

Final Layout

So this was my final line drawing design for a studio space for the writer, Edgar Allan Poe. I really shouldn't have picked him quite honestly, 1800's - boring era. I still had fun...I think? It just sucks that I have misplaced the painted version, which I attempted in watercolour paints, with the mindset of 'Well I haven't used watercolours before hard could it be?' ............ :O I also had some fruit paintings in watercolour which I will dig out! Couldn't decide which tilted angle I liked, so here's both. I ended up using the top image.


Textures were another part of our Drawing for Layout unit. Some of these studies turned out nice, but most  indicate that I need more practice, and there's no time like the present!


Bedroom Bound

Now here's something I'm a little more comfortable with, Layout! For this unit we had to draw our bedrooms and the view from our window. A boring view perhaps, but I will return to this! Maybe I'll try a new perspective and mess up my stupidly organised arrangement. Clutter is interesting to draw! 

The second drawing I was reasonably happy with, although I should learn to vary my lines more, and the clothes on the chair need closer attention, they don't look like the material they're made of?

....Some life :/

I had probably better post some life drawings, even though I'm extremely self-conscious about them, hence the reason I am only posting a couple! 1 China graph pencil and the last in Watercolour pencil. When I am more confident and have had more practice, I will reveal more. Until then...

Rodin Artist Study

This is going back a bit, really should've posted all this on a blog before. I blame a lack of confidence. Some transcriptions of a few Rodin drawings in charcoal and ink. Artist studies seem to help in an unpredictable way, you learn a lot without realising it. More artists studies to come this term!


These were some studies of my face a while ago, from photos! Any apparent ugliness may in fact just be my face and not bad drawing :D or perhaps both? I was wearing a trapper hat I think, it might explain some odd shapes in the last image!