Wednesday, 26 December 2012


All I have really done over Christmas is doodle faces and watch Avatar: the last airbender, as well as eat my weight in turkey and mince pies. No regrets. I don't know how much film work I can I wont post any andddd you can make the assumption that it's so, so good.


  1. Hey Conor, great faces - bottom left especially is a fine looking chap. Surely you can show the fans a tiny slither of film work, though? I have so many assumptions that need verifying!

  2. Ha! You words are far too kind toby, thank you! :) We don't really have much that is post worthy yet if I think about it... if you have any questions though, fire away! :D

    1. Okydoke, so how is it all going? What stage are we up to with the film? What's your main role? Who else is on the team?

  3. It's all going ok we think.. haven't had any tutors crack down on us sooo maybe a good sign? At this stage the character rigs are almost done for animating, we have a 3D animatic but I think we've yet to block out animation so maybe a tad behind but we will be fineee (famous last words?). Our set is pretty much modelled, and most if not all of our props for it are UV'd and textured.

    We are a team of four of course :D Jess Austin directing, Simon Webb who like Jess, is rigging so he can primarily animate, Peter Evemy who is our main modeller (he modelled all of the trees for our set) and me! My main role is layout based so I have modelled, UV mapped and textured props, modelled the landscape of the set before Peter imported the trees and I have also been making the colour script etc and will be sorting the backgrounds we are to paint for behind the modelled set as well as doing a little bit of animation when the time comes! We are having fun, mostly (Rigging is tough and Jess and Simon seem to be feeling it!) :D but yeahh, hope that answers some questions :) if you have anymore am happy to report! hope all is well with you and people are finally realising how talented you are dude!


Much Appreciated!