Sunday, 6 January 2013

Vespa Model!

I had to create a model for Blitz games studios as an application for one of their open days...the brief was either a model of a character, vehicle or environment so I decided to have a crack at modelling a Vespa Scooter! (It's the closest I will get to owning one, most likely!) So here it is. the deadline was today so I couldn't add more but I may well do this later sometime :) Most of the textures and materials I used were Mental Ray ones plus a couple of rusty and tarry textures I downloaded free courtesy of I really owe any aesthetics to the materials and textures! 

I created the glass by using a thick glass mia material and adding a bump map to it to give it the streaked appearance, and accented this by adding a chrome mia material to the reverse side. It needed more tweaking but I am new to bump mapping in general so it was a nice surprise when I got this unexpected result almost by accident!


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    1. ha thanks man, it's reallll simple though! Just has some pretty textures ;D Saw some awesome ones about so really need to learn zBrush!


Much Appreciated!