Thursday, 11 July 2013


So much stuff to deal with over the past few weeks, so just another post of the generic stuff. Sketches I made at Annecy Film and Animation Festival 2013 and some other doodley design bits.


  1. Oh man, is that supposed to be Amy at the bottom right? SOOOO COOOL YOOO, keep it up, love your stuff! *also I miss you guys so much, sob*

    1. I doodled that one in my bedroom randomly and it looked a bit like her so I kept going with it and yeah, she was definitely who I had in mind, but it's not purely observational! :D

      D'awww miss you to tones!! I Will fo' sho have to come down to pitch week and cheer you on! ;D I'm sure you'll do great.. :) Also hope you are enjoying this FREAK Hot WEAtHER! :))

    2. Aww man, even better then!! Looks exactly like her!
      Ahh it'd be so cool to see you as well if you do come down!! It will boost my luck I'm sure!

      Yeaah.. least you've got a beach near you... all I got is grass and pavement *priceless in hot weather, I know* Hopefully Europe won't be hotter... 2 weeks left now :D

      Hope your summer is going well!


Much Appreciated!