Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Some stuff...

I wasn't gonna show more work till I had done something I was PeRFeCtLy content with but that ship is never scheduled to leave the harbour so....yeah. I wanna play around with paint textures a little more...having some fun with them right now.

First up is an illustration I did for my ex Art teacher who was retiring...she is an endless source of encouragement for me and always gave me confidence when I was struggling.


...We also did Secret Santa at work and I got a lovely work colleague name Cristina to think about gifts for. She is a vegan and a lover of all things nature and animal related (excluding their slaughter/taste obviously!). This was a quick piece and again I was playing about with paint textures and over use of the sharpen tool!

The next few pieces were part of a hometown project I was working on over Summer, which came to a stall when I got bombarded with non art related work (because I need to eat etc. etc.!) I am however reviving it (slowly) so watch this space for more background/concept work.

...This awfully unflattering 'Gross-up' is a portrait of a dear friend (who probably doesn't like me anymore after this!), which I painted for a Zine we were working on when we had time in our lives! :D Heavily inspired by Ren and Stimpy of course... I may make some small changes but it was a lot of fun!

...And finally I was painting up some old prop designs for an idea I had based on an old Irish Myth...Less happy with the rendered stuff so will again revamp when I can...(and actually FINISH an idea through to a satisfactory outcome!)

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